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The Hospitality Team labors to make sure that both newcomers and long standing members of Calvary Bible Church find a welcoming environment when they arrive on Sunday. They also labor to connect regulars with those who are new and guide our new  attenders to where they need to go. Lastly, they make sure we have coffee and the like to encourage us to take time to fellowship.

Team Leader: Rick LaFine


Director: Clarence Heber

Ushers and greeters wait at the doors to warmly greet each person as they enter the building and as they go into the sanctuary. If the person is a guest, they seek to connect them with the Welcome Center Hosts. If needed, the ushers also help attendees find good seats.



Director: Karen Shafland

Hosts and hostesses work at the Welcome Center and help inform and direct newcomers so that they are not confused or lost during their visit with us. They also ensure that visitors receive the welcome packet that gives them a thank you for visiting and informs them about Calvary Bible.


Coffee ministry

Director: Brenda Heber

The Coffee Ministry labors to provide refreshments that will encourage people to take the time to visit and fellowship with one another.  This builds community amongst our regular attenders and creates an easy way for newcomers to sit and get to know some of us.


Security team

Director: Matt Adamson

The security team is a group of individuals who have been selected to respond to emergency situations. We seek to provided an environment that is safe, and thus we want to be vigilant and prepared, even for the unthinkable.


Ways you can serve

Hospitality Team Member — We are always glad to have more people who want to serve on Sundays in any of the capacities mentioned above.  If you are interested in serving with hospitality team you can contact Rick LaFine or any of the directors to let them know you are interested.


Providing Snacks — We occasionally have times where cookies and snacks are requested from the congregation to accompany the coffee, so keep your eyes and ears open for when that opportunity arises.