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There are so many ways a church can appear successful by earthly measures yet be a church that is accomplishing little of eternal value. Here at Calvary Bible, we value genuine transformation and godliness that is a result of God’s wisdom and work rather than our own. This is seen in our dependence on the wisdom of God, the work of the Spirit, and the power of prayer rather than various methods and models based on the conventional wisdom of the day.


Here at Calvary Bible, we esteem the Word of God as the ultimate source of wisdom and truth. In it, God reveals his very thoughts and ways so that we can know him, his wisdom, his glory, his power, his plan, his justice, his mercy, his love, and his grace.  Therefore, we seek that all our teaching be richly saturated with the Word of God and unmixed with the wisdom of the world.  We strive to have Scripture inform every aspect of leadership and ministry, being the primary and only authoritative source of wisdom for the church.


We value the sense of fellowship and community that is found with other believers who are seeking to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.  We desire to see genuine care for one another flowing out through our spiritual gifts so that our various acts of service toward one another are done willingly and with great joy.  This is seen in how we strive to develop close relationships that can be a source of encouragement and strength in all seasons of life.