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The Care Team is one of our newest ministries.  The goal of the Care Team is to help ensure that each part of the body of Christ at Calvary Bible feels the care and concern that we have for one another.  The ministries below are in their formative stages but we are looking for more to be involved.

Team Leader: Junell Hoekstra



Directors: Jack and Marilyn Carney

Our brothers and sisters often find themselves in difficult times due to health problems that land them in the hospital. When they are there, they often can struggle with discouragement and loneliness. So the visitation ministry seeks to provide encouragement and company during their time in the hospital.



Director: Laura Meents
The Meals Ministry seeks to provide meals for families who are going through extremely difficult times that make preparing a meal difficult. 



Director: Jeremie Wells

Many of our widows and widowers find themselves unable to take care of various maintenance tasks around the house. The hope is that we can develop a team of men and women who would serve our widows and widowers by going in groups of two or three to visit with them and help them with some of the tasks that they can not do themselves.



Director: Mark Glassford

While this position is an elected roll on the Finance Team, the Care ministry will often be the first to know of a need and therefore the Care Team Leader will work closely with the Benevolence Coordinator.


Ways you can serve

Care Team Leader — If a man or woman would has a passion for care ministries and a good hand on administration, then we could really use someone who will work with the pastoral staff and Care Team members to ensure that we are caring for those who need help.


Meals Ministry Provider — Meals Ministry providers – If a man or women would like to provide a meal for families going through difficult times, please contact Laura Meents to be added to her list.


Widow/Widower Care If you are willing to volunteer, please contact our director, Jeremie Wells.